The ultimate travel experience , which is indeed out of this world. With very limited spaces for the first two years of operations, our Space Travel package will include a 3 days training program at the Virgin Galactic headquarters in New Mexico USA.

Each astronaut will be issued a Phillip-Stark designed space suit, undergo G-Force and weightlessness training, complete preflight training and learn all about your mission with your fellow astronauts. As you will be part of a 6 passenger voyage into space, each passenger will have a window view. After takeoff you will fly to 50,000 feet before the spaceship releases and its hybrid rocket motor accelerates you into a vertical climb which reaches Mach 1 (the speed of sound). Within 30 seconds you will be at Mach 4.5. After 90 seconds the pilot will cut the motor and the spaceship will continue to climb up to 68 miles about earth, an altitude of 360,000 feet before returning.